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In this video, I run through some of the popular printed business card types available through dorweb.

6 Top Tips to creating great business cards

1. Use both sides

While it can be cheaper to print on one side of your business card, leaving one side blank is like having a leaflet and leaving a page without anything on it. This is another space that can be used to promote who you are. Use this area to showcase your brand even more – keep it simple and have your logo or website on it. Let the main side contain all the important information. Think about using a QR code if you have a long web address!

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2. Make text clear and readable

Like any piece of print, business cards should be easy to read. This means using a font that your customers can read and more importantly a layout that is easy to digest. If you have a particular font that is in your brand guidelines then use this when adding the copy to your cards. Big typography is a current fashion trend for 2020.

3. Keep it simple and easy to follow

Making it easy to read is just half the battle, the rest is about making your business card easy to follow. Make it clear and easy to read and only include the most important information – your name, contact number, email address and position in a company is more than enough. An address and website can also be added but remember that you are working with limited space and you won’t want to make your business card look too cluttered.

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4. Don’t forget about your bleed area

Unless the background of your business card is white you’ll need to include a bleed area. It’s important to have a bleed area (usually about 3mm) to ensure there are no borders or area missed from the print. A bleed will also ensure your business card prints the way you want it. You can read more about the importance of a bleed area here.

5. The Quality of card goes a long way

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to the card used for your business card. As it may often be the first time someone comes in contact with your brand, this is the perfect chance for you to make the right impression. A thicker card will add a more professional look and feel to your business card and also mean it will be less likely to get damaged when being handed out. Our business cards begin at 280gsm and go all the way up to 600gsm.

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6. Colours that work

While text is important for your business cards, colour can also play a big role. This doesn’t mean you need to start adding colour after colour and going for style over substance. Use colours that fit with your industry and work with your customer both for text and background images and also remember to tie it in with your corporate colours. That being said, sticking to one colour or even just using a shade like black or light grey can also work well.

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