Is it good to add and take away particular search terms during product launches in order to catch the increased traffic for that particular product?

This really depends on how your traffic looks coming through. You should definitely test your keywords to try and maximize the number of people coming through to your advert and then clicking on this, but you wouldn’t want to take away anything that’s performing really well. If you find some terms aren’t performing as well as others, then definitely take these terms away and add something else in to try and increase the traffic.

How can you measure PPC for complex B2B products/services that are highly bespoke?

I would measure PPC the same for most B2B products. So I would choose my search terms, create my ad themes and then create bespoke landing pages as well. If you do have products or services that are highly bespoke this is even more reason to use landing pages as this will help to display this information. I would also say if they are complex and highly bespoke, use a few different ads that display different aspects to try and capture as many people as possible. What you can do is use this landing page just for your PPC campaigns, which then makes it even easier to measure the visits you get to this page and the conversions. I would then measure how many people converted on that page, that went through to my sales team and resulted in a sale. It’s really important to measure all the way through to the sale so you can attribute that back to your PPC activity.

Do you think PPC indirectly affects your organic rankings?

PPC doesn’t affect your organic rankings. If you want to influence your organic rankings than you’ll need to implement an SEO strategy to do this. We can offer you the right SEO package to get your website noticed.

Is it possible to set up landing pages only for PPC purposes meaning they only show up when customers click on the link? Will the landing pages show up on your regular website?

You can absolutely do this and it’s a great idea. Your landing pages don’t show as part of your main website, they’re separate pages that you specifically direct people to. So if you want to use your landing page just for PPC, then you’d only use the URL for your landing page on your PPC advert. That way, only PPC traffic will ever come through to this page.

What is the minimum monthly budget a company would want to start with? Is there a best-practice or rule of thumb to determine the minimum budget?

If you’re just starting out we would recommend starting out small. You don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds to find it’s not a good fit for your business. It’s hard to say exactly how much to spend monthly, it’s completely up to you and what budget you have available, and also the cost of the keywords you’ll look at using. But as I said, start small and then if you find it’s driving a lot of traffic, and hopefully revenue, you can then increase the amount you invest.

Can you specify geographies/locations in the negative keyword planner? For example, if I don’t deliver in Australia can I stop the ad appearing?

You can indeed. All you would need to do is type that geography into the negative keyword section. This is very easy to do and helps to make sure you’re getting relevant traffic through. However, what will be even more accurate is that you can exclude and include specific locations when you set up your advert audience.

Can you briefly explain the relationship between bid adjustments and how many impressions you get per ad?

There’s a page on Google Adwords help site that will actually explain this in a lot more detail. You can find this all here. Hopefully, this answers your question and is of some help to you.

Most of the information I want my customers to see is on my homepage how can I utilise landing pages?

You could create landing pages for different topics or offers. That way you can direct to something very specific and they know exactly where they’re going and what they are going to see. The risk of sending them through to the home page is that they then need to locate the information in the advert or email. Landing pages are great at creating a seamless customer experience and giving you an insight into exactly what it is they’re interested in.

Some people say that Bing gives better/more targeted search returns – what is your view?

To be honest the quality of search returns really depends on the quality of the keywords you’re associating your advert with. If you use very generic keywords then you’re going to get a wide range of traffic. But if you’re using long-tail keywords (so more niche/specific keywords) on any system, then you are going to get more targeted results. There are advantages to both systems, and if you find you get traffic from both then it would be worth looking at having adverts on both systems and seeing which works best for you, test it out and then move forward with whichever system works better for you.