After looking to the internet for the very best CRM systems to help progress my businesses by leveraging automation and marketing. I’ve come over HubSpot CRM which is the best one in our opinion:

I extensively tested several systems including Bitrix24, Zoho CRM, and even SalesForce. The subscription costs and functionalities will always have a huge bearing for a small business owner. HubSpot featured a really nice GUI (Graphic User Interface) that enabled me to really customise the tools to our needs. It was fairly easy to understand how this simple database worked, splitting up Contacts and Companies, instead of leads etc… all the system vary slightly. The ‘Deals’ element was not critical for our reporting needs.

HubSpot Free gave us multiple users, with the ability to easily change who saw which contacts/companies and any/all the previous activity that was logged including email and calls to each client. I managed to link up Exchange Mail Server to ensure emailed appears they were being sent natively from our domain. The email marketing campaigns were as powerfull as MailChimp giving full reporting etc…

Automations really do help you to create tasks, like phone XYZ company when then click on an email link or engage. I had several duplicate records which I needed to clean up automatically (HubSpot Free is limited to manage duplicated. So I found another tool called DeDuply which integrated in a flash like many of the other tools and API available.

Looking forward to testing the VOIP feature next month.

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