WHAT CAN YOU do to turn barely-interested prospects into a frenzied mob who must get their hands on whatever it is that you’re offering? How can you transform their lethargy into a maddening itch that must be scratched?

First, you need to understand the biggest problem or challenge your prospective audience has. And then you need to provide the solution to that one big problem or challenge. Not twenty solutions. One.

Then you must convey the value of what you’re offering. You can do this by showing your prospective customers that you have the solution to their problem or challenge. And then you must persuade them that it’s such an exclusive, in-demand and scarce thing that they’ll be very lucky to get it.

An offer becomes even more desirable if it is perceived to be scarce, exclusive, or in high demand. These elements work because they all trigger a physiological reaction that makes the offer seem more valuable.

If people believe your offer is more valuable than the price you’re asking for it, they’ll be more likely to accept it. The higher the perceived value of your offer, the more enticing it becomes.

That’s because there’s a ‘risk-reward’ conversation going on in their minds when they consider your offer. Is the promised reward bigger than the required risk? If it is, they’ll probably take up your offer. But if it is not, then they won’t.

How to make your offers irresistible

Tell people it’s scarce

When people think what they want is in scarce supply, their demand for it increases. It helps create a fear of shortage and with that comes a sense of urgency.

People are more motivated to act by the fear of loss rather than gain. You can leverage that fear by:

  • Making your offer time-sensitive
  • Making your offer limited in quantity
  • Making your offer both limited by time and quantity
  • Making your offer exclusive to a small group

If you make an offer however you need to live up to it. If you try to change any part of the offer after the deadline date, you’ll destroy what trust your customers have in you.

Show that others are already using it

Use the psychological principle of social proof to increase conversions on your website or landing page. You can do this by showing your prospective customers that other people are already getting value from what you offer.

You can do this by providing proof in terms of the number of people who have already signed up for or downloaded your offer. And then offer testimonials and case studies to let your customers do the persuading on your behalf.

People believe comments from other people that have no vested interest in your success. This will help to overcome any lingering doubt or scepticism they may have about how your offer is ‘too good to be true’.

Offer a guarantee

Remove any perception of risk on your prospective customers’ behalf by offering a strong guarantee.

Offer a strong warranty

Like guarantees, very few people execute a warranty. But the fact you’re offering one could be a key factor in persuading prospective customers to take up your offer.

Offer a pay-for-performance agreement

Give your prospective customers the ultimate risk-free offer with an offer in which they only pay when they’ve received the benefits of your product or service.

Tell them exactly what you want them to do

People must be told what next step they need to take so tell them exactly what to do. For example, use CTAs such as ‘Join 33,000 savvy business leaders now’ or ‘Send it now’.