We have worked hard to build up a trust and reputation with Google. We helped them refine their maps to ultimately guide users to the correct location, and also supplied photographs and reviews to help build connections between it all.

And it has paid off! Woo! We are now a Google Street View Trusted photographer! Now, you may be thinking ‘Wow, nice one Nettl but how can any of this help me?’ and I can tell you how.

These days, thousands and thousands of potential customers will be using Google to search for businesses and not only does Google show the customer where you are located and your website, but it can also give detailed information regarding opening times, contact numbers, emails, and photographs of the area. Photographs are key to attracting potential customers, and we all like to think we don’t judge a book by its cover but it does play a big part, especially when most Google searches are brief and scrolled away in a moments notice. With Google Street View you can allow your customers to take a look at your property and it’s surrounding areas, made even easier with access to 360º photographs allowing people to have a virtual tour through your premises.

This opens a whole new avenue of marketing. Wouldn’t it be great if a customer could ‘walk’ around your pub and really get a feel for the atmosphere, or a client view the interior of a property and check out the amazing sea view, like they were in the room, before deciding to make a holiday booking? We for one love the idea of an open business that attracts intrigue through tours and potentially help customers feel at ease when they do come in to visit. If you wanted a little demo have a look around at our studio here.

Being a verified and trusted Google Street View photographer gives us a higher authority over the images and Google will be quicker to authorise any images we upload. This could be something just to help get your business noticed that little bit better and create a memorable link between you and customers.

If you are interested you can give us a call on 01305 303333 and with help from our trusty 360º camera we can get photos of your business up and running in no time! Marketing your business never ends and should always be kept up-to-date with the latest technological advances so you don’t fall behind.

– The Nettl team